Going, Going, Blonde!!

**For full disclosure, let me preface this by saying I am NOT a licensed professional. This is what I did on my own hair and it worked for  me. If you choose to go blonde, do so at your own risk. **

Hey Beauty!

So, I know so many ladies that get that desire to go blonde. In the summer, in the fall, in the winter. All the time. Doesn’t matter what time of the year.  I mean, I get it! I really do. I recently had that itch. I’ve never been blonde, never really felt the need to be completely blonde. Until recently! I was actually going to  color my hair a maroon/brown color. I had already purchased the color but since I already had highlights that were grown out I thought, eh, why not!  So, I threw caution to the wind and I went blonde. Completely blonde. I gotta say, I don’t hate it.  My favorite part, is the minimal damage. I really thought I was going to have major breakage after all this was said and done. But other than needing a trim, there really wasn’t anymore damage than I already had! Whew! Major sigh of relief.

When I was in cosmetology school, I remember being taught, you can’t go blonde after going dark. You can lighten, but to get to a really light blonde with no brass you have to do so in stages, so as not to end up bald or with gummy hair basically. So before I went completely dark, maroon, brown, whatever color I was going to end up as, I thought I figured now was the best time to try this blonde thing since I was planning on  covering it anyhow. Let’s see if blondes really have more fun!! 

That being said, if you’re going for that cool white “ice” look, just go on and get the photo editing app. That’s what everyone else is doing. There’s no magic bleach that’s going to take you from Maleficent to Elsa in one sitting. (Yeah, Disney reference.  I’m a mom. What can I say?!)  But you get the picture. It just ain’t happening.  You can get to that “ice” look… over time. Patience is key, grasshopper! If you’re ok with a little warmth, tho, let’s get started. I will post pictures of my before and afters below. For reference, and so you know I’m not pulling this outta my…ear! I actually did do it and it actually did work.

You’re gonna need a couple of things, and if you don’t often dabble in the hair color changing  products, run to Sally’s and pick some stuff up. Or, if you’ve got a couple days, Amazon’s gotchoo! Don’t they always! 😉 Coconut oil, bleach, developer, color bowl, tint brush, gloves, toner, purple shampoo, hair clips. A conditioning mask  wouldn’t hurt, but it’s optional.

First of all, you’re going to use the coconut oil. I don’t care what kind,be as basic or fancy as you need to be. I got the great value container at  Walmart cuz, hello. Budget! Once you’ve acquired your coconut oil, liquefy it. I just grabbed a handful straight out of the jar and rubbed it in between my hands until it wasn’t clumpy, but wasn’t absorbing into my skin. Then I just worked it all throughout my hair. I took some thin strands, starting at the root and worked it down to the ends. Then ran a comb throughout my entire head. Yes, you’re going to look like you haven’t washed your hair in 18 weeks, and that’s ok.

Once you have oil everywhere on the head, section your hair into 4 quadrants. Then mix your bleach and developer. I mixed until I got a pudding consistency.  For bleach, I used the Matrix V- Light Bleach. It’s just what I had on hand but  you can’t get that at Sally’s. I got mine at a local salon store, and you have to be licensed or a student to shop there. Amazon and sally’s both have great alternatives to this.  I do have bleach from Sally’s and it works just as well in my opinion. Just be sure it has the purple or blue tone. I used the 20 developer from Sally’s.

Section your hair into 4 quadrants. Take thin strands working from the corner down, applying the bleach mixture with a color brush. Make sure each strand is saturated entirely or you’re going to have dark spots throughout your head. After you’ve got your entire head saturated in bleach, cover with a shower cap. Then wait. Clean out your bowl and brush so it’s ready for toner. Let the bleach sit for 35- 45 minutes. I let mine sit about 35. Mostly because I got tired of waiting and got impatient. The 45 minutes would have given better results. While you’re waiting, rinse out your color bowl and brush so it’s ready to use for the toner. Keep an eye on your hair, once you move past the orange into the yellow (think inside of a banana) you should be good to wash it out. I used regular shampoo and conditioner, and while my hair was still wet I toned.

Before toning, I added more coconut oil. It’s an optional step, I was just super worried about damaging my hair. I used the Wella T18. Mix your toner one part toner to two parts developer. Once it’s mixed, apply it all over damp hair. Wait 20 minutes, wash and condition.

Since lightening my hair, I use purple shampoo every time I wash my hair. I follow with a Garnier Honey conditioning mask in place of a regular conditioner.  When I get out of the shower, I use Chi serum all over my hair and let it air dry. The less heat you use on your hair the better. I do straighten my hair almost every day, but I make sure to use the Chi Heat protector. 

That’s it!! I hope you find this helpful in achieving the look you’re going for. Let me know how it works out for you!





Check out those before and afters!!


Definitely some warmth in that blonde, but I like it!! So far, Blondes really do have more fun! 😉

Going Blonde at home

I’m considering a shadow root, but as of yet, undecided. I kinda feel like I’m channeling Draco Malfoy!!